Snapshots from my week

Happy Friday guys! How did the first full week of January go for you?

My week has been a pretty quiet one overall. This past weekend, we went out for some drinks with our good friends, and stayed out waaaay past my normal bedtime! We finally got to bed at about 3am after several bottles of wine, followed by a veggie bacon sandwich, glass of milk and paracetamol to minimise the damage. I had such a blast!!

This week I also succumbed to the January cliche of attempting to eat healthier by getting more fruit and veg – after all, the Christmas dream of cookies for breakfast just isn’t realistic for real life! I’ve been eating plenty of kale, sweet potato, butternut squash and whatnot. I also made THE MOST DELICIOUS SOUP IN THE WORLD EVER. You must make it. It’s thai curry butternut squash soup and it tastes like being punched in the face by flavour.

We also went for a stroll on Sunday to the local art gallery to check out a new exhibition. On Wednesday it was the first WI meeting of 2014, and we had a gift and clothes swish! I got a nice moisturiser set and it was great to catch up with everyone post Christmas. I also came across a framed chalk board in the always bargainous TK Maxx and picked it up for home, and for our wedding in June!

 Plus a pretty new mug from the Cath Kidston sale, and more wedding prep! A few decorations have been arriving in the post, and the document on the right is my mum and dad’s marriage license!

x Kerry

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  1. Sounds lovely. I think I’m still recovering from last Saturday! We should totally have had veggie bacon cobs at our house! x

    • Get on the tesco veggie bacon! I’m in love with it!

      • we actually had some in the house so we should have all had them together! :-)

        • Haha! I’m so addicted to them!

  2. Oooo, those lace garlands are pretty. Will make some using doilies xxx

    • There’s a way to make heart ones too, I’ll send you the link

  3. I’ve been trying to eat healthy ever since NYC. It was quite indulgent three months. My diet in December consisted of cookies, cookies and more cookies – so I can definitely relate to wanting to get back to a more realistic lifestyle. Also, the Curry Butternut Soup sounds so delicious!

    • Who knew there were such a thing as too much cookies? You MUST make it – it’s so tasty!


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