Stop what you’re doing and look at this!

Are you one of my many lovely non-UK readers? This is for you! Learn all about the delightful eccentricities of 21st Century Britain here

Strawberries and cream bars – a delightfully British dessert to celebrate our Olympic success!

Did you know that the US have control of the internets, and are refusing to share? Hmph

Charlie Brooker wonders how the Olympic games went from terrible to amazing before our very eyes

This gorgeous looking Rocky Road Chocolate Bark contains walnuts, which is a superfood….. ergo…. it’s good for you!

Should fois gras be illegal? Would/do you eat it?

Kelly made Toblerone Ice Cream!

Businesses feel the pinch as tourists and residents desert London during the Olympics

Is this the end for books? eBook sales have overtaken real book sales for the first time ever, according to Amazon

Do you feel like your name defines you?

These compost cookies contain salt and vinegar crisps, pretzels and more randomness, yum! I should make some with smashed malteasers, chocolate chips, pecans……..


  1. ebooks, nooooooooo – you need to feel that book in your lap, smell the binding. Ugh!!! Sales can’t be up.

    Toblerone ice-cream, yum. That appeals to me quite a bit with cookies sticking out of the top.

    About fois gras being legal…NO NO NO NO NO…it’s so cruel and unnecessary. Do we really need to force feed geese for our dining pleasure? Don’t we have enough delectables to choose from like Toblerone ice cream?

    A Thingirl’s not so humble opinion.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Miss. Kerry.

    • Ah Susannah, I can’t wait till I one day visit new york so we can enjoy cocktails and ice cream together! As usual I agree with you completely!

      • You’re very sweet. I’m glad we agree on most things. Love your blog and appreciate all the work you put into it. It’s so obvious.

  2. Loved the article about British-isms, and the blog post about first names. It’s funny because I feel like my name DOES define me but I’m still not really sure why.

    • Same here! And there’s certain names I would hate to have and never call my kids… weird!


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