Stop what you’re doing and look at this!

It’s the end of the world as we know it – more post-apocalyptic fiction that I love/will shortly be reading

Cat : a million, Dog : nil

Avocado brownies – hurrah, that means brownies are now a superfood!

The perils of competing at the highest level of sports

Anyong! Arrested Development is back! We’re watching from Series 1 – 3 to celebrate. If you’ve never seen the show, hurry and find out what you’re missing now!

I made Rolo Cookies this week which were pretty decadent… but I’ve got to say, this Rolo Cake just knocks it out of the park. Wow!

Why do cats always land on their feet? Here’s a science-y guy to tell you

Tesco will launch a chain of ‘artisan’ coffee shops called Harris and Hoole – but beware, though they may look like an independent, they aren’t!

We usually assume they’re cheaper, but can you cut your grocery bills by not shopping the supermarkets?

Usually, glasses make people look smarter. Like many other truisms, this rule seems to be reversed when the Kardashian’s are involved. Oh dear. I think it’s down to the fact that there don’t seem to be any actual glass in the frames!

Can we talk about the latest issue of Look magazine featuring Jessica Ennis? The Olympic gold medal winning heroine is featured on the cover in an interview/shoot obviously done pre-Olympic glory (I’m sure they hedged their bets with all the female athletes). What really gets me is the headline – How my man saved me at my lowest point. Thanks Look. What they’ve done there is imply that Jessica’s awesome achievement wouldn’t have even been possible without a man there to pick her up and set her on the path to greatness.

Of course, I’m not saying that family support isn’t a massively important factor in the success of the athletes. I’m sure her fiancee/husband/boyfriend was fantastically helpful and wonderful. But out of everything in the interview, why did Look have to pick the headline that diminishes her and her achievement?

Or, to put it another way, could you see Michael Phelps on the cover of GQ with a headline of ‘How my woman saved me at my lowest point’?

Me either.


  1. You’re like a little private newspaper Kerry. Especially like why cats land on their feet.

  2. Typical Look! Tbh that’s the reason I avoid any tabloidy-celeb mag-type publications, it really skews up a healthy perspective on life and in this case personal achievement. If you happen to read about Laura Trott’s street party not going ahead due to council beureaucrats you should just laugh, none of its true (got the inside scoop ;)) I hate how the media ruins most things 😛

    And as for Tescos that is super cheeky!!! I wonder if they will actually source locally or from independent cake makers etc to make up for it?


  3. I am reading Oryx and Crake – one of the post-apocalyptic books mentioned in that list – at the moment. Amazing. But also very frightening and depressing…

    • Ooh excellent choice! Yep frightening and depressing seems to be what post-apocalyptic books generally have in common. I’m currently reading Childhood’d End which is awesome, you should read that too!

  4. Like like love the cat posts! All cats should learn to surf :-)

    • Definitely! that cat is too cool!

      • Missing a crucial first step, swimming pool in the back garden. Dammit!

        • Perhaps you can engineer a situation in the bath? Or paddling pool!

  5. First off, I have been hearing about avocado brownies everywhere! I’ll have to try. Secondly, that Look cover is so obnoxious. Why, oh why, do they think they need to talk about a damsel in distress in order to sell magazines?

    • My thoughts precisely! Why do we have to bring it back to a man?


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