Stop what you’re doing and look at this!

Like Michelle, I never met a Cinnamon Bun I didn’t like! These ones are made with a scone base so you don’t have to wait for the dough to rise. Perfect for lazy brunches

Hilarious post by a touch of lovely on the power of lipstick

Wow – this chocolate peanut butter mousse cake looks incredible

Awesome. They should have these at every crossing.

I’m starting to feel like its time for pancakes, along with crisp cool mornings and falling autumn leaves…. these cherry buttermilk ones look excellent, as do these pumpkin chocolate chip ones

Speaking of peanut butter, Rosie from Sweetapolita pulls out the stops again with a peanut butter and chocolate layer cake covered with salted caramel popcorn

Who owns our digital footprint after we die?

Kelly from An American Cupcake in London made a checkerboard cake (from The Great British Bake Off) – check it out! (ohhhh)

Peanut butter chocolate cookies – these look amazing! I love the crackling around the edges

Related : Reese’s peanut butter cups IN chocolate chip cookies. It honestly never occured to me before. Amazing!

I’m starting to feel really inspired by Halloween (and autumn too!) – check out my autumn Pinterest board and Halloween board and join me in pinning lots of loveliness!

New Cadbury bars – Dairy Milk with Popcorn bar and golden biscuit crunch Dairy Milk

Photo by A Cozy Kitchen


  1. Thanks for the mention and so glad you like the cake! :-)

    • You’re welcome! Its inspired me to make a chocolate fudge peanut butter layer cake!

  2. Just lovely :-) (Apart from all the peanut butter, bleugh!)
    Maybe Kraft should try boosting chocolate sales by bringing the price down?? You’d be lucky to get a chocolate bar for less than 60p now, I remember when they used to cost half that, how can it have gone up so much in only 10 years or so!

    • Do you not like peanut butter – gasp!

      I completely agree, Cadbury’s is SO expensive now and they’re often compromising on quality and licensing companies to make inferior products under their name (Dairy Milk chunk cookies anyone?). I buy mine from home and bargains where its cheaper than RRP at least

      • I don’t like it and neither does my body! Makes my throat swell up and the rest…
        It’s such a shame as they have an amazing brand but are completely ruining it with their pricing and product strategy (except chocolate phildapelphia, that’s pure genius!) Rant over – the problem is theirs is still the best chocolate by far.

        • Fair enough… if it makes you ill! Will have to give chocolate philly a go!

          Agree its the best chocolate – although galaxy cookie crumble is pretty darn tasty too!

          • I think you will love chocolate philly… it’s amazing for cooking with too!
            Haven’t tried cookie crumble but will be keeping my eyes peeled now!!

  3. LOVING all the chocolate and peanut butter. Respect.

  4. Your title definitely made me love, such a lovely picture too with the pancakes and beautiful mug.


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