Stop what you’re doing and look at this!

Amy Poehler is the aces. I dare you to watch this without welling up!

This quesadilla recipe has inspired me to think how awesome a goats cheese, apple and spinach version would be…

Ever wondered how to make your very own bread roll soup bowl? Wonder no more!  So perfect for autumn/winter dinner parties

Another fabulous fall recipe (I’m turning American!!!) – Double chocolate pumpkin muffins

Mmmm Chocolate swirl buns by the lovely Annie or Annie’s Eats
Triple chocolate sprinkle cookies by the very talented Rosie of Sweetapolita

Chocolate Oreo Fudge Cream Pie – ooooooooohhh

Star Trek – a million, Star Wars, nil

Oatmeal white chocolate cookie dough bars by Picky Palette


  1. I don’t know where to start. Love AP. She’s so, so funny and Oreos in anything gets my vote. Pie, hmm. That’s like 100 of them melted together. I’d need a silo of milk wouldn’t I. I like when you do this. It’s a wonderful list. Goat cheese….another gift from God.

    • Thanks Susannah! Goats cheese, pie, amy poehler, yum!

  2. I can’t wait to watch that Amy Poehler video at home…Amy Poehler is the best. I simply love her to pieces! (Was so sad to hear about her divorce!)

    Thank you for all the fall recipes! Getting in the mood :)

    • Us too! We were like, well if the coolest couple in the world can’t make it work… :) Yay fall! I just ordered some pumpkin in a can from amazon, can’t wait for all the pumpkiny recipes!


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