Stop what you’re doing and look at this!

Kirstie’s Vintage Home gets a hilarious and somewhat befuddled write up from The Guardian

Giant pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I’m definitely buying an ice cream scoop so I can turn out cookies this amazing

Do big cats like catnip? Roll the VT…

A very interesting article about homemade cake, which is actually now cheaper to make than in the 50s and 60s

Raising money for Children in Need? Check out Mary Berry’s tips for super successful cake stalls

What do you think about the new breast milk baby – a doll to help normalise breastfeeding to young children?

Apple pie muffins – perfect for Winter and very festive feeling with cinnamon sprinkled on top

Uh oh – is humanity getting dumber by the generation? Kids these days…

Single and loving it? Interesting perspectives on what its like to be alone in a world of couples

Make your own cookie butter! This recipe uses Lotus caramelised biscuits but you could also use the cookie of your choice!

Christmas TV adverts – why are they so bad this year? John Lewis, Boots – just awful. The only one that rang true to me was Asda’s ‘mums make Christmas’ approach but still in a somewhat depressing, ‘women know your place’ way.

Nope I’m still not sick of it – check out this lovely Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bread by Gem

Raspberry sherbert bundt cake – perfect for kids parties, and big kids too!


  1. How cute are the catnip kitties! I will be getting ours some more for Christmas :-)

    • I know! Wish ours weren’t immune to it – sniff!

  2. I never said thank you for linking to our recipe, how rude!
    Thank you :-)


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