Stop what you’re doing and look at this

 Happy Wednesday guys! I hope your week is going well! Here are a few interesting bits and bobs that I wanted to share with you guys this week – please let me know if you’re similarly astonished by number four, or if you knew this all along?!

 Fruit juice is set to join potatoes on the list of things that don’t count towards your five-a-day. I’m completely behind this move – I love a glass of orange juice every now and again, but far too many people think apple or orange juice (and smoothies!) are healthy to give to their kids all the time.

Amazing pictures of tigers playing tug of war with humans at Busch Gardens.

These zesty lime bars look FANTASTICALLY ZINGY. Yum!

If someone could please build me a CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE MAKING COMPUTER ROBOT I will love you forever. Ithankyou.

This tip will make your life slightly better, especially if you’re a keen cook/baker. I can’t believe I never knew this till now!

Clearly I have winter fatigue, because summer fruits are calling to me! I definitely want to try these strawberry chocolate chip muffins – perfect for a picnic! Or pretending its June in January.

  This video gives cats a handy guide to looking after their human carers. So funny!



  1. The cat video has made my morning! and what a beautiful cat too!
    As for the random Kitchen tip… now i just use catering size ones – these help immensely for all uses! Baking parchment with a decent holder = much easier lining!

    • Gorgeous isn’t it! Great tip re the catering ones – do you get those from macro?

  2. Ah that cookie machine is amazing! But when you’d perfected the recipe wouldn’t you want one to give perfectly even size and shape circles every time? Our work is never done!

    I learnt a good tip yesterday from the BBC, you can caramelize onions much quicker by adding a little bicarb :-)

    • Excellent tip Jen! I fear you are more of a perfectionist than me re the round cookie issue!


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