Easy Homemade Pasta Margherita - Fresh & Flavorful!











Master the art of Italian cooking with this simple yet elegant Pasta Margherita recipe. Perfect for a wholesome dinner, it combines fresh basil, ripe tomatoes, and melting mozzarella with al dente pasta in a dish that's a delight for the senses.


Step 1: Prepare the Dressing

Start by whisking together extra-virgin olive oil, freshly minced garlic, chopped fresh basil, and kosher salt in a large bowl. This creates the delicious herby base for our pasta. The aroma of basil and garlic whisked together sets the stage for this mouth-watering dish. Ensure everything is well combined to infuse the oil with these fragrant flavors.
Pro Tip: Use high-quality olive oil for a richer taste.

Step 2: Add Tomatoes and Mozzarella

To the bowl with your dressing, add halved grape tomatoes and cubed mozzarella cheese. Gently toss everything to combine, ensuring the tomatoes and mozzarella are thoroughly coated with the basil garlic oil. This step marries the creamy cheese and juicy tomatoes with the herbed oil, creating a mixture full of textures and flavors.
Pro Tip: Halving the tomatoes and cubing the cheese ensures every bite is packed with flavor.

Step 3: Cook the Pasta

While your tomato and mozzarella mixture is setting aside, bring a large pot of salted water to a boil and cook your choice of pasta according to the package directions until it's al dente. Remember, the pasta should be neither too hard nor too soft. Once done, drain well to ensure no excess water makes your sauce too liquidy.
Pro Tip: Stir the pasta occasionally as it cooks to prevent sticking.

Step 4: Combine Pasta with Tomato Mixture

Add the drained, still warm pasta to the bowl with the tomato and mozzarella mixture. Gently toss everything together to ensure that the pasta is beautifully coated with the dressing and mixed well with the tomatoes and cheese. This is where everything comes together in harmony, creating a dish that's bursting with flavors and textures.
Pro Tip: Toss gently to keep the integrity of the mozzarella and tomatoes.

Step 5: Serve Immediately

Serve your freshly made Pasta Margherita immediately while it's still warm. Garnish with additional fresh basil leaves and, if you like, a sprinkle of grated Parmesan. The warmth of the pasta slightly melts the mozzarella, creating a wonderfully creamy texture that complements the fresh bite of the tomatoes and the aromatic basil.
Pro Tip: Serving immediately ensures the best texture and warmth.