Scrumptious Steak & Pepper Rounds with a Rose Horseradish Garlic Creme Sauce











Delight in the harmonious blend of savory steak, crisp peppers, and the bold flavors of our rose horseradish garlic creme sauce. This recipe is perfect for making any occasion extra special with a touch of gourmet, offering a symphony of flavors in every bite.


Step 1: Prepare the Garlic

Begin your culinary adventure with a simple yet essential step: drizzle a tablespoon of olive oil over a whole garlic bulb, lovingly wrap it in aluminum foil, and pace it gently on a cookie sheet. Roast this in your oven preheated to a cozy 400°F. This process, taking about 40 minutes, will transform the garlic into a soft, fragrant delight, perfect for our sauce later. The aroma filling your kitchen will be your first reward.
Pro Tip: Make sure the garlic is fully covered to keep all its flavors.

Step 2: Marinate the Steak

While our garlic is roasting to perfection, let’s give our steak some love. In a large ziplock bag, combine your choice cuts of steak with a mixture of salt, pepper, and maybe a secret ingredient of your choice (I sometimes add a splash of balsamic vinegar for a touch of sweetness). Seal the bag, ensuring the steak is well coated with the marinade, and set it aside. This resting period lets our steak absorb all the wonderful flavors, setting the stage for a truly succulent dish.
Pro Tip: Squeeze out as much air as possible from the bag for the best marination.

Step 3: Sauté Onions and Peppers

Now, let’s add a splash of color and texture to our dish with some bell peppers and onions. Slice these fresh vegetables into strips about 3 inches long - a size that’s perfect for both sautéing and topping our bread rounds later. Heat a drizzle of olive oil in a skillet over medium heat, add your onions first, letting them get beautifully browned and caramelized, a process taking about 20 minutes. Then, introduce the peppers to the mix, cooking them just enough to soften slightly but still retain a delightful crunch. This step not only prepares our toppings but fills your kitchen with another layer of delicious aromas.
Pro Tip: Keep the onions and peppers moving in the pan for an even cook.

Step 4: Create the Horseradish Garlic Creme Sauce

By now, our garlic should be perfectly roasted and ready to transform into an unforgettable sauce. Carefully squeeze out four cloves’ worth of the soft, roasted garlic into a food processor, adding in the rich mascarpone and piquant horseradish. Give these ingredients a few pulses until they merge into a smooth, heavenly sauce. If needed, a touch of salt can balance the flavors. This pinkish, creamy concoction promises to be the crowning glory of our dish, adding layers of complex flavors that will make each bite irresistible.
Pro Tip: Adjust the amount of horseradish based on your heat preference.

Step 5: Assembly and Serving

With all our components ready, it's time to assemble our steak & pepper rounds. Start with slices of French bread, toasted to a perfect golden brown for a delightful crunch. Layer on a generous spread of our horseradish garlic creme sauce, then add a slice or two of the steak, and top with a spoonful of our sautéed onions and peppers. These rounds are not just appetizers but a statement of love and care put into creating something truly special. Whether served on a sunlit patio for a summer gathering or as a cozy winter treat, they promise to bring smiles and satisfaction.
Pro Tip: Serve immediately while warm for the best taste experience.