Cozy Indian Spiced Red Lentil Soup for Chilly Evenings











Warm up with this comforting Indian Spiced Red Lentil Soup, a perfect blend of aromatic spices and hearty lentils. Ideal for vegans and those following a dairy or gluten-free diet, this soup delivers on flavour and nutrition.


Step 1: Prepare the Lentils

Start by giving your red lentils a good rinse under cold water until the water runs clear. This step helps to remove any dust or debris from the lentils. Then, add them to a large pot filled with fresh water or vegetable broth and bring to a boil. Once boiling, reduce the heat to a simmer, allowing the lentils to cook until they are tender, which usually takes about 15-20 minutes.
Pro Tip: Adding a bay leaf to the pot can enhance the lentils' flavour.

Step 2: Toast the Spices

While the lentils are cooking, heat the grapeseed oil in a sauté pan over medium heat. Add the whole coriander seeds and cumin seeds, toasting them until they start to pop and release their aromatic oils, making your kitchen smell amazing. This should take about 2-3 minutes. Then, stir in the turmeric and garam masala, cooking for an additional minute until the spices become fragrant but are not burned.
Pro Tip: Keep the spices moving in the pan to prevent them from burning.

Step 3: Sauté the Vegetables

To the same pan, add your finely minced serrano chilis, grated ginger, minced onion, and garlic. Sauté everything together until the onions become soft and translucent. This mingling of spices and vegetables is what builds the deep, complex base of flavor for our soup.
Pro Tip: Adding a pinch of salt to the onions will help them release moisture and cook faster.

Step 4: Combine and Simmer

Once your lentils are tender, and your spice-vegetable mixture is beautifully sautéed, combine them in the lentil pot. Pour in the tomato sauce and give everything a good stir. Let the soup simmer on low heat for an additional 20 minutes, allowing all the flavors to meld together beautifully. This slow simmering is what turns a good soup into a great soup, deepening all the flavors.
Pro Tip: If the soup seems too thick, you can add more broth or water to achieve your desired consistency.

Step 5: Blend for Smoothness (Optional)

Depending on your texture preference, you can choose to blend the soup for a smooth, creamy consistency or leave it as is for a more rustic feel. If you decide to blend, be careful as the soup will be hot and steamy. Use an immersion blender for convenience, or transfer to a blender in batches, then return the soup to the pot.
Pro Tip: Blending only half the soup can offer a nice balance of textures.