Quick & Easy Chicken Pita Fajita Feast











Whip up a quick, flavorsome Chicken Pita Fajita meal that infuses Mexican spices with ready-to-go ingredients for a busy weeknight. Perfect for a family dinner, this recipe promises a delicious blend of chicken, beans, and veggies, all wrapped in a soft pita.


Step 1: Start with the Chicken Stock

Begin your culinary adventure by grabbing a small pan and bringing the chicken stock to a rolling boil. A simple pinch of salt is all you need to awaken the flavors. This broth will be the base of our mouthwatering rice, forming the foundation of our Chicken Pita Fajita.
Pro Tip: Always taste your chicken stock before adding to ensure quality flavor.

Step 2: Integrate the Rice and Beans

As the stock simmers, introduce the rice, stirring occasionally, allowing it to absorb the flavorsome broth fully. Once the rice is tender and has soaked up all the stock, fold in the black beans. This combination not only adds a hearty texture but also infuses the dish with fiber and protein, making our fajitas not just delicious but also nutritious.
Pro Tip: Use a fork to fluff the rice for the perfect texture.

Step 3: Sauté the Chicken and Veggies

Heat a skillet to medium and add the Tyson Grilled & Ready strips, cooking them until they're nicely browned on each side, about 3-5 minutes. For those craving an extra kick of flavor, this is your moment to shine by adding diced green pepper and onion into the mix. Sauté these veggies until golden, then blend harmoniously with your rice and bean mixture, infusing your dish with a burst of vibrant colors and flavors.
Pro Tip: Don’t overcrowd the pan to ensure the chicken and vegetables cook evenly.