Rosewater-Pistachio Cupcakes: A Sweet Delight!











Dive into the delicate flavors of Rosewater-Pistachio Cupcakes, a perfect blend of floral notes and nutty goodness. With 402 calories per serving, this treat is as indulgent as it is delightful.


Step 1: Prepare for Baking

To start this exciting baking journey, preheat your oven to 350°F, which is just the right temperature for cupcakes to rise beautifully. Line your muffin tray with paper liners to ensure your cupcakes come out easily after baking. This first step is crucial for setting yourself up for cupcake success.
Pro Tip: Use festive liners for an extra touch of joy!

Step 2: Mix Dry Ingredients

In the bowl of your stand mixer, whisk together flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and chopped pistachios until well combined. This step is not just about mixing; it's about starting to infuse your batter with the rich, nutty flavor of pistachios, setting the stage for a cupcake that's both moist and flavorful.
Pro Tip: Sifting the flour helps make the cupcakes lighter.

Step 3: Add Butter

To the dry mix, add your softened butter. Beat it on medium until the mixture resembles coarse sand, a sign that the butter is perfectly distributed throughout your dry ingredients. This technique ensures your cupcakes have a lovely, tender crumb.
Pro Tip: Ensure butter is at room temperature for seamless mixing.

Step 4: Combine Wet Ingredients

In a separate bowl, whisk together the milk, egg, vanilla, and rosewater. The addition of rosewater is what sets these cupcakes apart, introducing a delicate floral note that complements the pistachios perfectly. Gently add this to your batter, mixing to a smooth consistency.
Pro Tip: Add rosewater gradually to suit your taste.

Step 5: Bake

Fill the lined muffin tray 2/3 full with your fragrant batter and bake in the preheated oven for 20-25 minutes. Once they're just barely golden brown, perform the toothpick test: if it comes out clean, it's time to take them out. Let them cool on a wire rack before icing - patience is key!
Pro Tip: Don't open the oven frequently, as it can cause cupcakes to sink.

Step 6: Frosting and Garnishing

For the icing, beat the butter and sugar until smooth, then incorporate the rosewater, adding a drop of food coloring if desired for a hint of color. Finally, sprinkle with chopped pistachios for texture and a beautiful finish. Piping the frosting onto your completely cooled cupcakes transformed them into a visual and tasty masterpiece that's sure to enthrall.
Pro Tip: Chill your cupcakes before icing to prevent the frosting from melting.