Savory Mexican Pork and Rice Skillet - A Family Favorite











Discover this savory Mexican Pork and Rice Skillet recipe that promises a delightful mix of tender pork, vibrant spices, and fluffy rice. Perfect for a hearty and satisfying dinner that'll please the whole family.


Step 1: Prepare the Pork

Start your culinary adventure by generously seasoning the pork chops with cumin and chili powder. This not only infuses the meat with a deep, rich flavor but also prepares it for a perfect sear. In a large skillet over medium-high heat, cook the chops for about 2 minutes on each side until they're beautifully seared. This step is crucial for locking in the juices, and it sets the foundation for a dish bursting with flavor. Once done, set the pork aside to rest.
Pro Tip: Searing the pork in batches prevents overcrowding and ensures a perfect sear.

Step 2: Sauté the Vegetables

With the pork set aside, it's time to build the bed of flavors that will envelop our dish. Add a swirl of oil to the same skillet, letting it heat up before introducing the green bell pepper, onion, and garlic to the pan. Sautéing these ingredients softens them and melds their flavors together, creating a savory foundation. This mixture doesn't just contribute to the overall taste; it also fills your kitchen with mouthwatering aromas.
Pro Tip: Cooking the vegetables in the same skillet utilizes the pork drippings for extra flavor.

Step 3: Combine Ingredients

This step is where the magic happens! Return the seared pork to the pan, and introduce the tomatoes, picante, lime juice, green chilies, black beans, and spices, along with the stock. On merging these components, you create a rich tapestry of flavors that are both complex and wonderfully balanced. Mix well to ensure that every bite is infused with this delightful combination. The addition of fresh cilantro here is a game-changer, introducing a bright and herbal note that elevates the entire dish.
Pro Tip: Gently mixing the ingredients helps distribute flavors evenly without breaking down the components.

Step 4: Add Rice and Simmer

With all the ingredients happily mingling in the pan, it's time to add the rice. Stirring it in allows the grains to absorb all the wonderful flavors you've built up. Then, bring the mixture to a boil, cover it, and reduce the heat to low. This gentle simmering not only cooks the rice to fluffy perfection but also allows the pork to become tender and succulent. As you lift the lid after 10-15 minutes, you're greeted with a sight (and smell) that's hard to resist – a beautifully cooked Mexican Pork and Rice skillet ready to be devoured.
Pro Tip: Ensuring the skillet is covered tightly helps keep the moisture in, cooking the rice evenly.