Scrumptious Peach Carrot Coconut Vegan Pancakes











Dive into a sunny morning with these Peach Carrot Coconut Vegan Pancakes! Each bite offers a wholesome blend of juicy peaches, sweet carrots, and the tropical hint of coconut. Perfect for those looking to indulge in a dairy-free, delicious breakfast treat!


Step 1: Mix Dry Ingredients

Start your day off on the right note by gathering all your ingredients to make these utterly delicious vegan pancakes. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, blend together your flour, sugar, baking powder, and shredded coconut. Stir with a spatula until just combined, making sure not to over-mix to keep your pancakes fluffy.
Pro Tip: Sifting your flour and baking powder prevents clumps for smoother batter.

Step 2: Add Wet Ingredients & Carrots

To your dry mix, pour in the milk, drizzle the vanilla extract, and finally, add the melted dairy-free butter. Gently mix them in just enough to incorporate. A minute of brisk mixing won't hurt—it introduces air into the batter, making for lighter pancakes. Then, fold in your grated carrots delicately. Let this batter sit a moment; it gives the carrots time to meld their sweetness throughout.
Pro Tip: Letting the batter rest with the carrots enhances the flavors.

Step 3: Cook The Pancakes

Heat up your favorite non-stick pan over medium heat and lightly grease it with a dab of non-dairy butter. Scoop your desired amount of pancake batter onto the pan. Wait for bubbles to appear and the bottom to attain a lovely golden-brown hue before flipping. Press down gently with your spatula post-flip to ensure an even browning.
Pro Tip: Use low-medium heat for even cooking without burning.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Now for the best part—dressing up your pancake. Lay those fluffy pancakes on a plate, garnish with fresh peach slices for that sweet, fruity zing, a sprinkle of shredded carrots for a bit of texture, and a generous drizzle of maple syrup for that classic pancake goodness. It’s a breakfast that’s as nourishing as it is appealing!
Pro Tip: Warm the maple syrup for extra indulgence.