Crispy Chinese Scallion Pancakes: A Homestyle Recipe











Indulge in the savory crunch of homemade Crispy Chinese Scallion Pancakes. Simple ingredients, dairy-free and vegan-friendly, these pancakes are a must-try for an authentic taste adventure!


Step 1: Preparing the Dough

Start by sifting 2 cups of all-purpose flour into a large bowl. This ensures our pancakes are going to be light and fluffy. Stir in 1 teaspoon of salt to add a layer of flavor to our pancakes. Next up, let's slowly pour in 3/4 cup of boiling water while stirring continuously. This is where the magic starts happening, as the boiling water begins to cook the flour slightly, leading to a smooth, pliable dough. Knead the dough for about 15 minutes; yes, it's a bit of work, but think of the delicious pancakes waiting at the end! If the dough feels sticky, a sprinkle of flour can fix that; if it's too dry, add a splash of water. This step is crucial for achieving the perfect texture.
Pro Tip: Always sift your flour for lighter pancakes

Step 2: Resting the Dough

After you've kneaded your dough into a perfect, smooth ball, it's time for a little rest – both for you and the dough! Place the dough in a bowl and cover it with a damp cloth. Let it sit for about 30 minutes. This resting time allows the gluten strands to relax, making the dough more workable and soft for when we roll out our pancakes.
Pro Tip: Use a warm, damp cloth to cover the dough for better results

Step 3: Incorporating Scallions

Once the dough has had its nap, it's time to wake it up with a burst of flavor by adding the finely sliced scallions. Gently fold the scallions into the dough, ensuring they're evenly distributed. This step is not just about mixing; it's about introducing a fresh, vibrant burst of flavor into our pancake dough.
Pro Tip: Cut scallions thinly for an even distribution

Step 4: Rolling and Shaping

Divide your scallion-flecked dough into four equal sections. Using a rolling pin, roll each piece out into a thin, flat disk. This is where your pancakes start to take shape! Then, brush a bit of sesame oil over the surface for an extra layer of flavor. Roll up the disk into a tight sausage shape, then coil that sausage into a snail shape. With a gentle touch, roll it again into a flat pancake. This technique not only layers the scallion throughout the pancake but also helps create those flaky layers we all love.
Pro Tip: Roll the dough thinly for crispier pancakes

Step 5: Cooking the Pancakes

It's time to cook! Heat a frying pan with a shallow layer of cooking oil over medium heat. When hot, add your pancakes. They'll need about 1 minute on each side to get golden and crispy. Keep an eye on them, and don't be shy to press down with a spatula to ensure even cooking. Watching them puff up and take on a lovely light brown shade is incredibly satisfying. This is where those layers you worked so hard to create really come into their own, creating that irresistible crunch.
Pro Tip: Keep the heat at medium to prevent burning

Step 6: Serving

Once cooked, transfer the pancakes to a paper towel-lined plate to absorb any excess oil. Cutting them into wedges makes for an easy, shareable treat. Serve these crispy delights while they're hot for the ultimate taste experience. They're perfect for dipping into your favorite sauce or simply enjoying on their own. The unique, flaky texture combined with the punchy scallions makes for a truly unforgettable dish.
Pro Tip: A soy sauce-based dip complements the pancakes beautifully