Homemade Chinese Potstickers - Delicious & Simple!











Dive into the art of making your own Chinese Potstickers at home with this straightforward and mouthwatering recipe. Perfect for a family dinner or a fun cooking activity, these potstickers are sure to impress with their crispy bottoms and juicy filling.


Step 1: Prepare Filling

Start by placing 200g of ground pork in a large mixing bowl. If you're opting for a lighter version, ground chicken is an excellent alternative. This will be the base of our potsticker filling.
Pro Tip: Ensure the meat is at room temperature for even mixing.

Step 2: Season the Mixture

To the meat, add a teaspoon each of sea salt and fine sugar, along with half a teaspoon of ground black pepper for that warm, spiced flavor. Follow this up with two teaspoons each of light soy sauce and sesame oil for that authentic Asian taste, and a tablespoon of Shaoxing Huatiao wine to bring it all together. Mix well to combine all the flavors.
Pro Tip: Mix with your hands for better integration of ingredients.

Step 3: Add Crunch

For a bit of crunch, finely chop 100g of canned water chestnuts (or substitute with spinach or cabbage) and add them to the meat mixture. This step adds texture and a slight sweetness to the filling.
Pro Tip: Chop the chestnuts or vegetables finely for a uniform texture.

Step 4: Incorporate Scallions

Next, add 2 to 3 tablespoons of finely chopped scallions or spring onions to the mixture. The green onions will give a fresh, zesty kick to the potstickers, complementing the savory filling wonderfully.
Pro Tip: Green onions add color and flavor, don't skip them!

Step 5: Prepare Dumpling Wrappers

Before assembling your potstickers, make sure your dumpling wrappers are thawed and ready to go. Dust a dish with flour to hold the filled dumplings and prevent them from sticking. Generously flour your work surface too, so the wrappers don’t adhere to the table.
Pro Tip: Keep wrappers covered with a damp cloth to prevent drying out.

Step 6: Assemble Dumplings

Time to fill those wrappers! Place about 1.5 teaspoons of the pork filling into the center of each wrapper. Wet the edges of the wrappers with water to seal them properly. Fold and seal each dumpling, making sure to pleat the edges for that classic potsticker look.
Pro Tip: Don’t overfill, or sealing the dumplings will be difficult.

Step 7: Fry Potstickers

Heat a frying pan with 2 to 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Once hot, place potstickers flat side down and fry until golden brown. Add a third cup of water and cover to steam. After the water evaporates, let the potstickers crisp up again in the pan, creating that irresistible bottom crunch.
Pro Tip: The key to perfect potstickers is a hot pan and patience.

Step 8: Serve and Enjoy

Finally, your Chinese Potstickers are ready to be devoured! Serve them hot with a dipping sauce made from vinegar, soy sauce, chili oil, or sesame oil, and some thinly sliced ginger for an extra zing. Enjoy this delicious handmade treat with family and friends.
Pro Tip: Get creative with dipping sauce combinations to suit your taste.